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Natucer introduces Quartz Klinker. A brand new collection created specially for high traffic, wet, outside and/or inside areas. At the same time, it is a product easy to clean.

Quartz Klinker brings unique pieces designed to create architectural finishes. Its colors were inspired bt new decorative trends. Cold, warm, light and dark tones enhance the product allowing it to be used to separate working from public zones. It comes in two different thicknesses: GROSSO is 14,2 mm and FINE is 10 mm.

New collection 100% safe, 100% porcelain tile, 100% easy to clean, 100% innovative: Quartz Klinker.


GROSSO 14,2 mm.

PEDESTRIAN AREAS: sidewalks, rides, squares, gardens, access to housing, terraces.

TRANSIT AREAS OF ROLLED: urban roads, residential areas.

AREAS UNDER HEAVY TRAFFIC AND TASKS: industries, factories, warehouses, loading areas, downloads area, docklands, airports, railway stations and subway stations, machine rooms, production rooms, mailroom.

AREAS WITH AGGRESSIVE ENVIRONMENT: chemical factories, service stations, garages, warehouses, agricultural industries, wine industry, recycling plants.

Puerto Quartz Klinker Natucer
Piscina Quartz Klinker Natucer

FINE 10 mm.

HYGIENIC AREAS REQUIREMENT: laboratories, schools, hospitals, feeding areas, spa centers, industrial kitchens.

PUBLIC AREAS: pubs, restaurants, banks, hotels, museums, churches, discotheques, gyms, malls, sport centers.

RESIDENTIAL AREAS: swimming pools, exterior stairs, lounges, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, pantries, offices, dressers.