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Pueblo Nuevo de Guadiaro house

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Almacenes Hermanos Valeriano company in Pueblo Nuevo de Guadiaro (Cádiz), has developed a project in a dwelling using floor and wall tiles manufactured by Natucer, S.L.

The used materials in this project belong to Provenzal series, a collection with such an emblematic shape as its name implies. The product has been used in the different formats the series provides: 10.25x6.5 on a mesh to cover the walls and the format 20.5x12 laid on the floor.

It is important to stand out that the original colours layout create a zigzag effect that, combined with the Provenzal Trois meshed wall tiles product, provides the typical Andalusian dwellings with a remarkable nature and some hints of modernity that nobody may expect from such a traditional piece.

All this is achieved by the use of different sizes and the great colour range that the Provenzal series offers, which undoubtedly depict the versatility in the creation of bold and different designs.

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